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Happy Hearts and Flowers Day

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This holiday is very strange to me and I must admit that I have never liked it. Valentine's Day is like the relative that can never be pleased but expects everything just so. I find it interesting that this is a day that celebrates couples rather than love in general and if you don't have an SO grab a stranger, if you have a boyfriend/girlfriend why aren't you engaged, if your married a list of musts seem to be required before the day can be "perfect". My co-worker told me about some wives at a kids sport event complaining how their diamond isn't as big this year. I don't even need to elaborate on this as its shallowness just speaks for itself. Anyone who knows me well is aware that I am big on giving flowers to my friends and loved ones as a sign of my affection, but to feel guilty because you did not on this "special day" is just ridiculous. Plus the prices on roses is $20-30 more than any other day of the year. This price hike reminds me of when I was getting married and the price of everything attached to the word wedding went up 50%. I find this price tag on sentimentality criminal but then we are the consumers that continue to buy into it.

Don't get me wrong I am hearts and flowers all the rest of the year to the point of causing cavities, but it springs forth from a need to tell my loved ones every day how I feel about them and not just once a year. I love to receive flowers and I usually keep them until they are dead husks turning to dust, but I want to know that I received flowers from love not a strange sense of obligation. Love is spending time with someone and being with them in the highs and lows, and not just buying them something random because thats what you are supposed to do. All of these elevated expectations of society are bound to be disappointed, and completely miss the mark on celebrating all the various loves you have in your life in the form of SOs, family, friends, co-workers or anyone who touches your life. I think this must be preaching to the choir as it is basic common sense, but this year I reflect on it standing in a different place than previous years. It is this change that brings a sense of clarity and appreciation for all the love I have in my life as it is without dressing it up in hearts and flowers.
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On February 14th, 2009 05:47 pm (UTC), psychowoof commented:
I agree that the meaning behind Valentine's day gets lost in the consumerism. aslanspawh and I still joke over the 1st Valentine's Day card I got him. It asked "Will you be my Glerk?"
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On February 14th, 2009 08:55 pm (UTC), cadoln replied:
Its totally best to retain a sense of humor. Thats very cute.
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On February 14th, 2009 10:05 pm (UTC), psychowoof replied:
I was quite the commitment-phobe earlier in my life and hadn't exactly had good experiences with earlier Valentine's Days. The card said something along the lines of "Valentine's Day is over-rated" or such - and had some little aliens on it.
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