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I remembered...

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I remember that today is the anniversary of Pearl Harbor. I try to be mindful of days like today to honor those who died. On NPR today I heard a stunning version of Henry V "Upon St. Crispin's Day" done by Christopher Plummer. I thought it fitting as I always think it captures being a solider. Now I have never been a solider, but I feel I have some understanding on it having been married to an ex-solider and the sister of another and both have seen combat. I think any relative or spouse of a solider grows to know the meaning of days like today. We send them off and watch them walk away from us and do not know which way they will come back to us. They never come back the same, and we mourn with the families who loose everything but their memory.

I know this is heavy for a Sunday night but there are a few days in the year when my mind rolls over these things for a few moments so as to prevent the anniversary from passing unnoticed.

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